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Strata Manager

The Strata Manager is a licensed management company appointed by the owners of the Strata.  The Manager advises on the management of The Balmoral in accordance with the requirements of relevant legislation and regulations.

The Strata Managers are paid on a fee-for-service basis and their performance is overseen by the Strata Committee on behalf of the residents.


Strata Manager:

Michael Barsoum Direct Phone:   (02) 8835 4220

Assistant Strata Manager:

Yazmin Zammit Direct Phone:   (02) 8835 4270

 Strata Choice

phone:  1300 322 213,  fax:  02 8842 49701

Building Manager

Ross Southgate, (Inside/outside Facility Services)

Phone0460 604 343
Address:  L1, 6 Harris Road, Five Dock NSW 2046 | 1300 858 671

The Building Manager is appointed by the Strata Committee and is responsible for the day to day maintenance decisions of The Balmoral in accordance with the agreed maintenance schedule.  The Building Manager works closely with the Strata Manager and ensures all maintenance issues are attended to in a timely manner.

The Building Manager also interacts with residents and inspects and facilitates repairs and maintenance as required.  A weekly report is provided to the Strata Commitee. All expenses incurred by the Building Manager are documented and recorded in the Strata financial accounts.

The Balmoral has installed an up-to-date online maintenance management system (MYBOS) for use by tenants, owners and agents. The Building Manager will supply access details to all authorised users.


Balmoral Apartments security

The Balmoral has installed the most up to date security systems.  All persons entering The Balmoral are required to use an authorised security tag and relevant keys to the access door, individual units and the secure carpark.

Residents must arrange security access for their visitors and residents are responsible for any visitors whilst they are in The Balmoral.

The Building Manager controls the entry of police, emergency services and trade personnel. Appropriate protocols are in place to ensure essential services personnel have immediate access if required.

Fire and emergency procedure

The Balmoral is fitted with up to date fire and emergency equipment.  Smoke detectors activate fire alarms which will activate sprinklers and emergency evacuation procedures.

For resident safety, the building is also equipped with fire extinguishers which can also be used when required. 

A fire evacuation map is located on levels.

Balmoral Apartments pets policy


The Balmoral is pet-friendly in accordance with by-law 5, Keeping of animals. To view the by-law please access the resident handbook at the bottom of this page.

Nothing in the by-law prohibits a landlord from restricting the rental of his/her lot to tenants who do not have pets. 


Every car space is marked with a number that corresponds to the unit owner. Residents are required to park only in the car space designated to their unit. 

A number of spaces are marked ‘Visitor’ and can be used by casual visitors.

Given the Balmoral is accessible, there are a number of designated car spaces for drivers with additional access needs.

Balmoral Apartments car park


The Balmoral is an accessible building.  Residents and guests using wheelchairs may enter the building from Balmoral Street.

All carparks provide lift access to all floors.

The Balmoral has a number of designated car spaces for drivers with additional access needs.

Balmoral Apartments accessibility


The Balmoral is committed to keeping our building and residents COVID-19 safe.

Hand sanitiser dispensers are located at lift doors on all floors for the use of residents and visitors. Gel dispensers will be refilled regularly by the Building Manager.


Balmoral Apartments COVID
Balmoral Apartments cleaning

Cleaning and Hygiene

The Balmoral is cleaned regularly and has scheduled extra cleans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Building Manager is responsible for the contracted cleaning of The Balmoral buildings and grounds. 

For the comfort and safety of residents and guests, residents are asked to cooperate with basic maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene requests.

For more information please see the resident handbook. You can access the handbook by clicking on the link below.

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